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Modern and Contemporary Stone

Limestone can bring a timeless look of elegance and sophistication into your home, creating an atmosphere of tranquility.   Rapidly progressing advances in technology make it easy to fashion your floors, showers, tub decks, and fireplaces.  Limestone can set a modern or contemporary mood, with a spectrum that encompasses cream, white, pink, gold, grey, and brown.

Limestone is formed underground and in riverbeds.  Often you find fossils and seashells ingrained in its surface bringing a bit of the past into your home.  Small openings between the fossil fragments make limestone very porous and absorbent.  To prevent discoloration or staining professional care and maintenance is highly recommended.   Our craftsmen understand the importance of coordinating the flow of your stone, keeping in mind the traffic and sight patterns of each application.  Extra care is taken in the process of laying out your stone, coordinating color variations with textures. 

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