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Feb 08
Wood-Look Tile V.S. Hardwood Flooring

Should you choose a tile version over the real thing?...

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Oct 25
Uses for Large Stone Remnants

Not sure what to do with those large hunks of leftover natural stone? You can hone the stone and create something with a finished look, or do very little to change it and take advantage of the natural shape of the stone. Here are a few of our ideas....

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Oct 09
Unique Ways to Use Your Leftover Tile

There are plenty of creative ways to use leftover tiles. Here are a few of our favorites....

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Sep 26
Taking Care of Your Outdoor Natural Stone in the Winter

Your new outdoor patio is stunning, but how do you take care of it in the winter months?...

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Sep 06
Famous Marble Monuments

Not sure if marble is the right choice for your home? Read on to see how it was used in these famous monuments!...

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Aug 25
Can Natural Stone Increase the Value of Your Home?

When you do use natural stone in timeless, elegant combinations, you can increase the overall value of your home and get the beauty you deserve. Here are a few reasons why using natural stone in your home can increase the resale value...

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Aug 04
Can You Trust Your Contractor?

If you're uncomfortable with your installer now, things are only going to get worse once the project starts. Here are some warning signs to look out for in a potential installer....

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Jul 27
Caring for Your Natural Stone Shower

A natural stone shower can make a beautiful and striking addition to any bathroom. Following is our top advice on caring for your natural stone shower....

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Jul 13
Should You Buy Tile from Big Box Home Improvement Stores?

One of the major big box stores in your area is having a massive tile sale! Everything looks beautiful. Or does it? Turns out that those low, low prices can come with some big, big problems....

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Jun 26
Choosing Natural Stone for Your Fireplace Surround

A natural stone fireplace can make a beautiful centerpiece. Not sure what type of stone to use? Here are a few of our favorite materials....

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Jun 07
How to Care for Your Travertine Floors

Whether you're already an owner of travertine floors or are looking to upgrade, make sure to keep these care and damage prevention tips in mind....

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May 04
How to Care for Your Marble Countertops

Marble is a beautiful stone—that's something we can all agree on. A distant cousin to limestone, marble is an expressive material that is beautiful despite its relatively inexpensive price tag compared to other solid-surface countertops. Given how sensitive marble is to scratching and chemicals, it isn't often used as a kitchen countertop or entryway flooring material. Instead, it's frequently used for vanities, floors, fireplaces, tub decks, showers, walls and windowsills....

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