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Apr 04
How to Take Care of Quartz Countertops

Quartz, also known as engineered stone, is made by combining natural quartz with resins and pigments. Manmade techniques are used to create something close to natural stone in both durability and appearance. Due to new techniques, Quartz is now available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Its durable and easy-to-clean nature makes it a great fit for kitchen and bathroom countertops....

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Mar 22
Tile Renewal Tips

Maybe you dropped a cast iron skillet on your ceramic tile. Or perhaps your new kitchen tile was placed over old concrete that has since shifted. Or it could be that your porcelain shower tile is suffering major water damage....

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Mar 02
How to Hide Granite Seams

Granite, although beautiful, is not man made. It's the little imperfections that make granite what it is. Nature doesn't have access to the same technology we do, so natural stones come out just a tad rougher. Since granite doesn't form into countertops and sinks in the wild, you're going to have to deal with seams. What are seams?...

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Feb 23
How to Choose Grout Color

After looking through a seemingly endless number of sample tiles, you've finally decided on the perfect tile for your bathroom or kitchen remodel. Now it's finally time for that last and ever-so-crucial step— choosing a matching grout color....

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Dec 29
Caring for Outdoor Granite

With winter fast approaching, we figured it might be a good idea to talk about the many ways you can protect your outdoor granite from wear and tear due to cold weather....

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Nov 30
Unique Uses for Stone Remnants

Many of our customers come to us with questions about what they can do with the leftover stone (remnants) once they have finished bathroom or kitchen remodeling. We find these questions pretty exciting, given the vast possibilities of stone remnants. Practical pieces for the kitchen, beautiful accents to your driveway, stunning complements to your bathroom — the possibilities really are endless....

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Oct 31
Top 3 Frequently Asked Kitchen Remodeling Questions

Remodeling your kitchen isn't easy. It seems as if there's a ton of information out there, and you don't have time to figure all of it out on your own. You have to think about your kitchen countertops, sink linings, and kitchen flooring. You ponder over if you should you choose the popular granite, elegant marble, resistant soapstone, or trendy quartz. The list can seem endless. We're here to help. Read on for our answers to some of your top kitchen remodeling questions:...

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Sep 20
Top 4 Benefits of Soapstone

Unique in both texture and look, Soapstone is on the rise as a material for bathroom vanities, showers, fireplace hearths, countertops, sinks, pizza ovens and more. Named for its soapy feel due to its high talc content, Soapstone (or Steatite, to invoke its mineral name) makes a statement unlike any other stone material. Read on for more unique qualities of Soapstone....

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Aug 25
Trendy Tile Ideas

Whether you are looking to replace or add new tile in the bathroom, the kitchen, in a hallway or the foyer, take advantage of the opportunity to come up with a stunning design that can add drama and interest. Tile can be applied to a wall or used as flooring, and looking through home and design magazines, you can find several trends that are popular right now....

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Aug 19
Tile Flooring Options for Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

The floor in every kitchen endures plenty of traffic, but commercial kitchens and restaurant dining rooms take it to another level. In commercial settings, tile floors withstand constant foot traffic, drops and spills of all kinds, from both staff and patrons, and frequent chemical exposure from cleaning....

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Aug 14
Choosing the Best Tile Material for Your Patio or Deck

The summer season brings plenty of opportunities for outdoor entertaining or simply enjoying some solo time in your backyard. If you have a beautiful space to do it in, the experience is even better, and the right tile can turn any backyard nook into the perfect spot for lounging or entertaining....

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Jul 12
Stone in the Kitchen: Beyond Countertops

When we think of using natural stone in the kitchen, countertops usually come to mind. A popular choice for many years, stone counters can be made from a variety of materials such as marble, granite, engineered, and soapstone. One of the reasons stone is a favorite choice is because of its availability in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it fun to design around the other components of the kitchen....

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