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Jan 24

Stockett Staff

Environmentally Friendly Granite and Tile Fabrication and Installation

by Stockett Staff

Stockett Tile and Granite takes our environmental responsibility seriously

Preventing Air Pollution - Arizona Air Quality Permit

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) continually monitors and assesses Arizona's air quality. The state mandates acceptable concentration levels for hazardous air pollutants. Although the state mandates acceptable concentration level- we operate well below that. Stockett Tile and Granite takes our environmental responsibility seriously. We employ engineering control devises which maintain emission levels well below the EPA’s requirements for particulates. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our employees, community, and state.

  • Permit is measured by microns in atmosphere measured by weight.
  • 18 pounds per square foot times how many slabs we fabricate a year equals what we omit into
  • the air
  • Had permit for 8 years, always under the threshold.

Environmental Control Booth - Dust Room

While not required by law, Stockett Tile and Granite maintains within its manufacturing facility a state of the art dust room. Our corporate policy requires that all cutting processes are performed in this booth. The filtering system we operate houses 7 units each consisting of 6 hepa filters, for a total of 42 individual filters which are 99.9% efficient. We take seriously our commitment to minimize risks pertaining to health and safety of our employees and our customers.

  • This helps us to monitor our air quality permit by preventing microns into the atmosphere.
  • At the vent’s it “sucks” 440 cfm’s (cubic feet per minute)
  • Shop bags the dust and sends it to the organic landfill. “Earth to Earth”

Recycling Wastewater - Water Recycle Unit

We believe the best way to aid our environment is to recycle and reuse our manufacturing wastewater; in fact our entire process is dependent on it. Stockett operates a purpose built Hy-Pack® Filter Press which enables us to reuse 90% of our water. After the water passes through a series of filters and tanks it emerges 99.9% clean. Our craftsmen use this recycled water to polish and cut the products we create.

  • 3000 gallon tank - Green tank is the fresh water/recycled water
  • 3000 gallon tank - White tank is gray water
  • Recycled water equals 99% clean = 85 gallons a minute produces 2 microns or less clean water.
  • System runs as needed when water level is met.

Define Micron:
A unit of length. One Micron = 39 millionths of an inch (.000039"). Contaminant size is usually described in
microns. Relatively speaking, a grain of salt is about 60 microns and the eye can see particles to about 40