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May 04

Stockett Staff

How to Care for Your Marble Countertops

by Stockett Staff

Keep your marble countertops lustrous and bright

Marble is a beautiful stone—that’s something we can all agree on. A distant cousin to limestone, marble is an expressive material that is beautiful despite its relatively inexpensive price tag compared to other solid-surface countertops. Given how sensitive marble is to scratching and chemicals, it isn’t often used as a kitchen countertop or entryway flooring material. Instead, it’s frequently used for vanities, floors, fireplaces, tub decks, showers, walls and windowsills. 

If your heart is set on a marble countertop for your kitchen or entry floor, it’s still doable so long as you keep marble’s relative fragility in mind. Maintaining and caring for the material will be essential. Here are a few tips to keep your marble countertops shiny and new:

Provide Protection

Marble is a porous rock, which means that it absorbs spills more readily than granite. It is also softer and more easily disturbed by chemicals. Marble is a carbonate, which is a fancy way of saying that acids will dissolve away parts of the marble and cause nasty etching (etching is the dulling of the marble where layers have been eaten away). Make sure to protect it!

Clean up spills immediately when they happen, especially if they involve any acids (e.g. most fruit juices and vinegar) and never bring cleaning chemicals anywhere near your marble. If you must have fruit juices or alcohol near the countertop, use a coaster. Make sure to seal your marble at least once a month so there’s a small barrier to any spills that may occur.

Marble is also easy to scratch. Place pads or mats under anything—including ceramics, silver, or any pointy objects—that could mar the countertop’s surface. If you eat on paper plates, do not cut things on them—you risk cutting through the plate and scratching the marble.

Avoid All Heat

On the one hand, marble is incredibly heat resistant and will not catch fire and burn your house down. On the other hand, the finish could melt away if you place hot pots or pans directly on the surface of a marble countertop.  This could result in the marble changing colors, leaving a giant bruise in the center of your otherwise pristine countertop. The solution is easy—put down trivets or hot pads under any hot dishes or cookware. Pans fresh from the oven, however, might be better off somewhere else.

Clean Regularly

You might be thinking that marble must be difficult to clean given the stone’s many other particularities. Indeed, you can’t use any acidic cleaners on marble. This includes some of your favorite standbys such as bleach, ammonia, and most bathroom cleaners. Alkaline cleaners are out too.

This pretty much means your cleaning materials are limited to soap and water. To keep your countertops pristine, dip a sponge in warm, soapy water and wipe down the countertop. Just make sure the sponge is soft and not abrasive.

Have any questions about other ways to take care of your marble countertops?

Here at Stockett Tile and Granite, we’re more than happy to answer any other questions you may have. We serve the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona areas. Give us a call at 480-443-1988 to set up a time to see our dunnage yard, or get in touch through our online contact form to schedule a commercial tile consultation. You can also visit our tile showroom in Phoenix, Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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