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Sep 29

Stockett Staff

How To Keep Your Limestone Floors In Top Shape

by Stockett Staff

How To Keep Your Limestone Floors In Top Shape

If properly cared for, limestone flooring can be a durable, long-lasting, and attractive choice -- the cool stone is pleasant to walk on, and the variety of colors offer a pleasant, earthy appearance. However, like many specialty flooring options, those who opt for this variety of stone should also be prepared to pay special attention to its maintenance needs.

Limestone is a soft, porous material, which means that it’s especially vulnerable to scuffs and nicks, as well as stains. Caring for limestone floors isn’t difficult, but it does require special attention to detail. Here are a few tips for keeping your limestone floors in beautiful shape.

Don’t wait for stains

Limestone is easily discolored by spills -- even if the material spilled is just water. More acidic products, like tomato sauce, wine, or vinegar, can do real damage to limestone flooring.

While you may be tempted to simply pat the stains up with a paper towel at your convenience, limestone requires a little more care than that. When spills occur, act quickly to wipe them away using specialized limestone cleaner, which can be found at any hardware store.

Keep chemicals, cleaners, and other corrosive materials off the floor

Harsh, abrasive cleaners, like bleaching agents or scouring powder should never be used to clean or treat your limestone floors -- nor should they be stored on it. These substances can erode your flooring, cause discoloration, or permanently damage the tiles.

If you have limestone floors in your bathroom, make sure to keep any cleaning products -- including the plunger -- on a tray or mat, and never directly on the floor.

Consider coverings

If you’ve got limestone flooring in a high-traffic area, or if you’d just like to preserve the color and quality of your floor, areas rugs and other coverings can be a great option.

Not only do area rugs and mats keep shoes from scuffing and deteriorating the limestone tiles, they can also be a line of first defense against spills or other damage. And because limestone tiles tend to be fairly neutral in color, finding coordinating area rugs that can compliment any interior design aesthetic is a simple task.

You can always reseal

Much like hardwood floors need occasional treatment, so too do limestone tiles. If you feel that your limestone is getting too worn, it may be time to reseal it.

Sealing limestone floors with a heavy-duty sealant can help protect them from many of these pitfalls, and extend the life of your floors for many years. A professional tile and flooring company can help you with this service, ensuring the lasting beauty and durability of your limestone flooring.

Interested in limestone flooring?

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