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Jul 13

Stockett Staff

Should You Buy Tile from Big Box Home Improvement Stores?

by Stockett Staff

Cheaper doesn’t mean better.

You’re looking to do a small scale DIY project, maybe a bathroom or other small space, and see an ad in the local paper. One of the major big box stores in your area is having a massive tile sale! Since the prices are so low, you decide to take a look.

Once you get there, the tile looks legitimate enough. No cracks or noticeable flaws. So you go for it. You buy the discount tile and install it in your home. Everything looks beautiful.

Or does it? Turns out that those low, low prices can come with some big, big problems.

Limited Availability

That wonderfully rustic slate tile you’re so proud of may be beautiful, but will you be able to replace it in a pinch? You were happy to get it on sale, but maybe it was on sale for a reason. If a particular kind of tile isn’t selling, big box companies may discontinue it and try to move the excess off the shelves as soon as possible. This leaves you in a bit of a bind if you have to purchase additional tile in the middle of a project.

Since big box stores purchase so many tiles, it’s only natural that some batches may be lower in quality than others. You might open a box of tile to find that numerous pieces are broken or damaged. And even though the big box store offers a money-back guarantee, they tell you that your chosen tile is out of stock. Now you’re stuck with a half-finished room.

It All Looks the Same

If you want your home to stand out, you might want to avoid purchasing from a big box store. Since these stores are constantly putting out tile in bulk, they don’t go the extra mile to keep up with the latest tile trends.

If seeing your exact travertine tile layout in a friend’s home is a nightmare to you, you should probably stay away from big box stores.

Bothersome Batches

Many big box stores put out their tile in ‘batches.’ A ‘batch’ (or ‘lot) of tile is pretty much what it says on the tin—tile produced at the same time. If you forget to make sure that the entire tile you purchased is from the same batch, you can end up with tile that differs in size or color. Since some of the differences aren’t noticeable until you stand back and take a look, you run the risk of completing an entire project to find that your tile doesn’t quite match.

Avoid the headache of big box store tile and choose Stockett for full service tile design and installation

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