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Jul 01

Stockett Staff

Tips for Caring for a Natural Stone Patio

by Stockett Staff

Tips for Caring for a Natural Stone Patio

Keep your natural stone patio looking its very best by taking these steps.

Nothing compares to the beauty and elegance of a natural stone patio. A natural stone patio is an investment you’ll never regret, but once you have it, it’s important to care for it and maintain it on a regular basis.

Clean your natural stone patio by hosing it off and then scrubbing stains with a cleaning liquid that is designated safe for natural stone. If your natural stone patio has dark brown or black spots, scrub them with a neutral pH balanced stone cleaner water and bleach solution. If using these techniques it will reduce the chance of mold, mildew, and moss. Rinse the surface of the patio off with water as many times as needed. Just be careful when cleaning with a water and bleach solution because it can kill plants and grass.

Avoid using scouring powders or creams to scrub your natural stone patio because they could scratch the surface. You should also avoid using vinegar, lemon, and other acids because they could damage the surface of the stone.

Prevent Patio Stones from Accumulating Dirt with Polymeric Sand

You can use polymeric sand to prevent weed growth between stones and prevent bugs from living between the stones. Prior to adding polymeric sand, remove weeds or moss from between stones. It’s also important to clean the stone beforehand because cleaning it afterwards will dislodge the sand.

Pour polymeric sand directly into the stone joints. You could also pour the sand directly onto the stones. Use a broom to sweep the sand down into the joints. The sand should be approximately 1/8 of an inch below the stones. Tap the stones with a rubber mallet to make the sand settle better. Use a leaf blower to remove the leftover sand from the stones. Mist the stones and polymeric sand with a garden sprayer three to four times in a one-hour period but don’t let the water puddle. Wait 24 hours before you use the patio again.

Sealing Your Natural Stone Patio

You may need to seal your natural stone patio periodically because natural stone is vulnerable to stains and damage. By sealing your natural stone patio, you can eliminate or minimize problems with oil-based stains, water-based stains, bacterial growth, and rust stains. Exterior natural stone sealers tend to have excellent water and oil repellency as well as UV stability. However, sealer doesn’t make your natural stone patio completely stain-proof – it just buys you some time to clean up by making your natural stone patio more resistant to stains.

Get a Natural Stone Patio in Phoenix or Scottsdale

Stockett Tile & Granite in Phoenix, AZ has been designing, fabricating, and installing natural stone patios, floors, and more since 1974. If you want us to assist you with building a natural stone patio for your home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas, get in touch with Stockett Tile & Granite to request a free consultation.