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Nov 30

Stockett Staff

Unique Uses for Stone Remnants

by Stockett Staff

Unique Uses for Stone Remnants

Cutting boards, serving platters, mosaics and more!

Many of our customers come to us with questions about what they can do with the leftover stone (remnants) once they have finished bathroom or kitchen remodeling. We find these questions pretty exciting, given the vast possibilities of stone remnants. Practical pieces for the kitchen, beautiful accents to your driveway, stunning complements to your bathroom — the possibilities really are endless.

1. Granite Mosaics

Once you have finished a granite project, you will have numerous stone remnants in various shapes and sizes, as well as a wealth of colors to choose from. This hodge-podge of materials is perfect for an outdoor mosaic piece. Perhaps a mosaic sidewalk to complement your garden, or a miniature mosaic to add a touch of dynamic flair to your fountain, or even a small piece for your living room. You can even mix the scrap stone with cement to create fun flooring for your garage.

2. Marble Serving Platters

Medium-sized remnants are best used as accessories for your bathroom or kitchen. Marble remnants of this size make incredibly useful serving platters given the stone’s cool temperature and sophisticated look. Keep cheeses and fruits cold without sacrificing style. These platters are also fairly easy DIY projects — a quick Google search can help you out with that. 

3.  Shelving

Stone remnants of all types can be used to make unique shelving for your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, or living room. Choose to keep the stone edging natural for a unique look, or smooth it down for a more uniform look perfect for bookcases. Granite and soapstone remnants are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom due to their bacteria-resistant nature, while marble remnants are best saved for the living room or dining room.

4. Cutting Boards

Bacteria resistant and incredibly durable, soapstone is a natural choice for a cutting board. We’ve spoken before about the numerous benefits of the soapstone and it’s no secret that we love it here at Stockett Tile and Granite. Knife marks and scratches are hardly a concern, while the bacteria resistant qualities of the material ensure that food stays safe. Granite also works quite well but maintaining soapstone is incredibly easy. A bit of mineral oil and plain soap and water ensure that the cutting board lasts for years to come.

Have any questions about other uses for stone remnants?

Basically, every remodeling project is going to result in stone remnants. Here at Stockett Tile and Granite, we’re more than happy to help you decide what to do with these leftover pieces.  In addition, if you don’t have any remnants of your own, we can help you choose something from our personal dunnage yard.  We serve the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona areas. Give us a call at 480-443-1988 to set up a time to see our dunnage yard, or get in touch through our online contact form to schedule a commercial tile consultation. You can also visit our tile showroom in Phoenix, Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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