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Jewlery For Your Home

Quarried in a variety of countries, each stone has a story to tell.  Granite is the oldest, strongest, and hardest stone in existence. Dotting the landscape around the world, granite will forever be appreciated and with technological advances you can bring this authentic look into your home. Granite is truly jewelry for your home. It evokes and stimulates emotions, sets the mood and style within a space. Granite’s extensive color palette, unique veining patterns and textures takes you through a sensory adventure. Whether polished or honed, each finish makes its own unique statement. You can’t help but want to touch the stone as its beauty draws you in.

With its durability and functionality, granite is an ideal surface for kitchen countertops, floors, tub decks, showers, and other greatly used areas. Granite is one of the most bacteria-resistant kitchen surfaces. It is nearly impossible to scratch, heat resistant, and with proper care and maintenance, will not stain under normal use.  Stockett Tile & Granite takes pride in our state of the art manufacturing facility used to fabricate your granite. What sets us apart from the rest is our attention to detail. Nearly invisible seams and matching the continuous patterns of the stone is a skill that is instilled in each of our craftsmen. Achieve that perfect final touch by choosing from an array of edge styles.

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