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Enrich your Lifestyle with Travertine

Inspiring today’s top designers, travertine was used greatly by ancient Egyptians throughout their history lining grand passage ways and halls.  Its unique surface textures with warm and buttery earth tones reflect an essence of old-world style.  Enriching your lifestyle can be as simple as introducing travertine into your home.

Travertine’s color scheme is drawn from nature; it begins with the softest shades of ivory and streams down to the richest, deep shades of gold, red, and brown.  Travertine’s versatility is due in part to its distinctive characteristic of never actually appearing as one solid color.  Adding to its unique surface textures are natural fissures inherent in the stone making it truly one of a kind.

Honed travertine, a smooth and non-reflective finish, is a popular choice for today’s casual and comfortable lifestyles.  Tumbled travertine, a distressed texture, is commonly used in shower and backsplash areas.  This natural stone can be used on a spectrum of surfaces to create the perfect setting; floors, showers, bathroom vanities, tub decks, backsplashes, and fireplaces.

Stockett recommends that the holes and fissures in travertine be filled to help maintain the natural beauty of the stone. We also recommend that travertine be sealed in order to prevent any discoloration or staining.  Regular care and maintain of your travertine is essential.

Our craftsmen understand the importance of coordinating the flow of the stone with the traffic and sight patterns of each home.  Extra care is taken in the process of laying out the travertine, coordinating color variations and textures.

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